Case - ProSieben Feature Film "Tod aus der Tiefe"

»Tod aus der Tiefe« tells the story of an aggressive cell colony from the depths of the sea which rapidly multiplies and grows into a serious threat to mankind. To begin with, the whole organism had to be developed, from the single cell to the huge mother organism and the cocoons hosting humans.
We did a lot of R&D and worked closely with director Hans Horn, DOP Bernhard Jasper and prop builder Tommy Opatz. Together we created a solution to fit the tight budget and schedule.

We took a similar approach when creating the entire underwater set. The set included oil rig pillars, a fissure in the sea floor and a tunnel leading to a huge underwater cave sheltering the nest of the cell colony.


We made the first floor plans and location designs which the live action set builders based their work on. Only a small part of the digital set was built for the live action shoot in the underwater tank in Malta. It was a scale model, so even just this small part of the oil rig pillar was very large.


The design of the deep sea dive boat was based on the latest boats of its kind at the time.


Since it was not possible to shoot on a real oil rig, these shots were filmed on a green screen. Later, we integrated the oil rig footage into the background of the green screen shots. All wide shots of the oil rig are full CGI, consisting mainly of 2D compositing with 3D water elements.