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Fish Blowing Bubbles Munich is seeking a VFX Production Coordinator to join our team. You will work with producers and artists to ensure shots are being tracked and delivered according to established targets and milestones. This position requires effective project management skills. We look for clear communicators that demonstrate a high level organization and possess a very proactive / positive attitude.


    • Scheduling, prioritizing and tracking internal technical assignments and project details.
    • Organize dailies, rounds and project meetings.
    • Organize and setup media for review sessions.
    • Ensure FTrack (project management tool) statuses and task assignments are kept up to date.
    • Coordinate and package shot deliveries including submission documentation.
    • Ensure teams are clear on daily delivery objectives.
    • Record all shot notes whether from clients, dailies, rounds or reviews.
    • Ensuring effective communication and continual team updates.
    • Ensuring project scope, status and completion information up to date (FTrack).
    • Documenting decisions and requests, and ensuring items are tracked and managed appropriately.
    • Monitoring and controlling progress, issues and preparing reports.
    • Ensuring work is being approved and completed on time and to specification.
    • Establishing quality control and project closure processes.

    Your Profile

        • Highly organized with excellent scheduling and task management skills.
        • Project management experience with the ability to problem solve effectively in a fast paced environment.
        • Minimum of 2 years of experience within the VFX or film production industry.
        • Experience with production management software ftrack / shotgun or similar.
        • Understanding of visual effects processes and workflows.
        • Conversant with visual effects terminologies and processes.
        • Ability to liaise and collaborate with clients, artists and producers.
        • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to motivate others.

          How to Apply

          We look forward to receiving your application via email. Please send your information to jobs(at) with “VFX Production Coodinator” and your name in the subject line.



          We are looking for a Render Wrangler to join our vfx team in Munich. The Render Wrangler position is an entry-level but mission critical role. Render wranglers monitor and control the rendering process and manage the render farm. You will also troubleshoot various IT issues as they arise, and work closely with the lighting and compositing team and production.

          •    Monitor, manage and keep the render farm running at maximum capacity
          •    Manage facility resources including render nodes, disk space
          •    Monitor, manage and check rendered frames and update production when necessary
          •    Monitor jobs on Deadline: track completed jobs, identify stalling jobs, follow up and report failed jobs to artist through email and in person when possible
          •    Re-submit missing frames
          •    Maintain rendering priorities, blocking and unblocking jobs and allocating rendering resources when necessary
          •    Update and maintain Deadline job priorities according to instructions from Management
          •    Assist artists with render job submissions and errors
          •    Identify and report technical rendering or quality issues
          •    Pass information on to Production/IT/ Editor
          •    Fixing/solving technical render issues
          •    other tasks if necessary

          Skills & Requirements:

          •    Ability to understand basic computer terminology and identify hardware and peripherals
          •    Know basic fundamentals of Linux operating systems
          •    Basic knowledge of Deadline is an asset.
          •    General lighting/rendering knowledge of Maya is very desirable.
          •    Good communication skills, both written and verbal
          •    Ability to handle a fast-paced, occasionally high pressure environment
          •    Willingness to work flexible hours, including weekends, evenings or graveyard shifts when production schedules require
          •    Ability to work well independently and as part of a team

          How to Apply:

          To be considered please email your resume and link to your reel to jobs(at) with “Render Wrangler” and your name in the subject line. If your candidacy is successful, you will be contacted shortly, if it is not retained for this position it will stay on file for future opportunities.


          FBB is currently recruiting Senior Lighting & Rendering Artists – preferably with Redshift experience –
          to join our in-house team on an exciting feature film.

          Tasks & Responsibilities:

            • Ensure there is consistency in lighting, colour balance and mood between the various elements of a shot or scene.
            • Work closely with the rendering and compositing departments to understand what is required at the next stage and
              ensure their material is easy to use and delivered on time.
            • Set up materials and render layers.
            • Support the development of character textures and
              shading specs for lighting and rendering optimization

            Required Skills & Experience:

            • Minimum of 3 years production experience in texturing, shading, lighting and rendering stylized and photorealistic environments,
              props, vehicles and characters
            • Moderate compositing experience
            • Strong understanding of film & photographic lighting techniques, live-action CGI integration, HDRI & global illumination rendering,
              color-matching & correction, mood and atmosphere
            • Familiar with scene wrangling, layer rendering, render farm management, etc.
            • Basic generalist skills including modeling, animation, etc. are advantageous
            • Self motivated with ability to take responsibilities and able to coordinate with different departments ensuring all deadlines are met
            • Technically proficient in Maya, VRay, Mental Ray. 
            • Experience with Redshift is a bonus

            To apply for this position please send your resume and link to your reel to jobs(at) with “Lighting & Rendering Artist” and your name in the subject line. Please state your availability.



            compositing crew with regards to the workload and pipeline environment. The Compositing Supervisor will take on (key) shots
            as well as administration duties including mentoring artists and monitoring shot progress.

            Tasks & Responsibilities:

            •    Lead, motivate and mentor the Compositing team
            •    Ensure all elements are complete and on time
            •    Ensure that the quality of the work from the Compositing team is of the highest standard
            •    Ensure proper workflow methodology for all artists and mentor the Compositing team
            •    Develop workflow and pipeline strategies, processes, methodologies etc.
            •    Provide on-going information and feedback to the VFX Supervisor
            •    Flag up any issues in the Compositing department
            •    Shot compositing with Nuke
            •    Complete or assist with shots
            •    Assign shots to compositors and monitor shot progress
            •    Assist in recruiting, reviewing reels and making recommendations
            •    Liaise directly with the VFX Supervisor and VFX Producer
            •    Assist the VFX Producer with scheduling
            •    Colour timing and management of sequence continuity
            •    Identify problems and effectively implement solutions

            Skills and Experience:

            •    Expert knowledge of Nuke (+5 years)
            •    Demonstrable Experience as Compositing Supervisor on high-end VFX feature films
            •    Excellent leadership qualities
            •    Experience in handling complex projects and large workloads
            •    Experience with integration of CG characters and cg backgrounds into live action footage
            •    Strong understanding of tracking technologies
            •    Good understanding of blue/green screen, roto, mattes and colour correction.
            •    Strong communication and interpersonal skills
            •    Solid understanding of photography, composition, lighting, colour and motion
            •    Experience and knowledge of stereoscopic tools and methods is desirable
            •    Time management and organizational skills
            •    Professional in dealing with Producers and crew
            •    Team player, who takes direction well
            •    Dependable, calm under pressure, with great attention to detail

            How to Apply:

            To apply for this position please send your resume and link to your reel to jobs(at) with “Compositing Supervisor” and your name in the subject line.
            Please state your availability.
            This is an in-house position with an immediate start, therefore we can only consider applications from candidates with the right to work in the EU.




            FBB is currently recruiting compositors, whose primary function is to seamlessly integrate all the layers or elements of a shot, including live-action and computer graphic elements, and work closely with the VFX Supervisor to composite the numerous elements that complete a visual effects shot.


            • Constructing the final image by combining layers of previously-created material, including rendered computer animation, special effects, graphics, 2D animation, live action and static background plates 
            • 2D tracking, matte extraction, layering of elements and colour grading
            • Blue/green screen extractions
            • Seamless integration of live action, miniature and CGI sources
            • Follow production pipelines
            • Develop creative approaches and problem-solving
            • Take part in daily reviews

            Skills and Experience:

            • 3+ years experience as a compositor, preferable in feature film industry
            • Expert knowledge of Nuke, 3D and stereo compositing, CG integration with multi-pass EXR
            • Attention to detail and desire to deliver consistently high aesthetic and high technical quality work, and encourage those around you to the same standards
            • Excellent communication skills and technical knowledge
            • An understanding of the whole film pipeline
            • General problem solving skills
            • Knowledge of After Effects is a plus

            How to Apply:

            To be considered please email your resume and link to your reel to jobs(at) with “Compositor” and your name in the subject line. Please state your availability.


            FBB is looking for a passionate  Junior IT Administrator/ IT Support  who would like to work in a creative environment and be responsible for helping our IT Administrator setting up and maintaining our in-house IT Infrastructure, which consists of LINUX servers and Windows and Mac workstations. This is an in-house position with an immediate start. 

            Tasks & Responsibilities:

              •    Support the IT Administrator with general Linux server maintenance
              •    Support the IT Administrator with user and rights management
              •    Setting up Windows and Mac workstations
              •    Support the IT Administrator with maintaining the backup system
              •    Cable management and machine assembly
              •    Support the IT Administrator with analysis of software or hardware issues

              Required Skills & Experience:

              •    2+ years of experience in IT system administration
              •    A procedural approach to solving issues
              •    Linux /FreeBSD knowledge is essential
              •    Strong understanding of Windows workstations and user management
              •    Experience with VMware solutions or other virtualization solutions
              •    Strong system and network security awareness
              •    Good team player
              •    Good communication skills and the ability to communicate efficiently in English

              To apply for this position, please send your resume with “Junior IT Administrator ” and your name in the subject line to jobs(at) Please state your availability.
              This is an in-house position with an immediate start, therefore we can only consider applications from candidates with the right to work in the EU.