Ghosthunters - On Icy Trails


Project: "Ghosthunters - On Icy Trails" - feature film
Production: Lucky Bird Pictures
Director: Tobi Baumann
DoP: Thomas Kiennast
Cast: Anke Engelke, Milo Parker, Bastian Pastewka (as voice of HUGO), Christian Tramitz, Karoline Herfurth, Julia Koschitz, Christian Ulmen, Ruby O. Fee,
Amy Huberman

GHOSTHUNTERS – ON ICY TRAILS, based on the bestselling novel “Ghosthunters and the incredibly revolting Ghost!” by Cornelia Funke, (published by Loewe Verlag)
is a thrilling family movie with wit, charm and – Hugo!
FBB created all CGI sets based on Production Design by Christoph Kanter ("The White Ribbon"). FBB also developed the Full CGI shots.
Furthermore we worked on 150 VFX shots including tracking, layout, lighting, rendering, compositing and particle FX.
This exciting family entertainment adventure is produced by Lucky Bird Pictures.