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How product films can express emotionality & explain the future

key to success with
3D-Product Films

What are the advantages of 3D animation films?

3D product films are an innovative way of providing potential customers with a three-dimensional
visualization of your product. With these movies, the time it takes for your customer to view the product is now significantly increased!
The 3D product film allows your customers to view the product from a perfect angle. You present each product detail exactly as you want it to be recognized and seen..

We create inspiring visual impacts. On any screen. In any space.

Miele 3D Product Film – Miele Blizzard CX1

Our Concept:
The Product is the „Hero“.


From the idea to the final product



Understanding and trust in the product
Your customer gains a better understanding and appreciation of the item. 3D and animation film technology makes the product tangible and real. Your customers strengthen their trust in your company. Their decision to buy can be positively influenced.



Your product explained
3D product films give your company the opportunity to create valuable content about and around the product. High-resolution details, design elements, and features that appeal to your audience reach your audience.
Customers gain insight into the initial and intuitive functionality of the product in action.



Better Branding
The immersive experience gives your viewers a more detailed understanding of the features, benefits, and advantages. Elegant product films also help to enhance the image of the company.

Powerful Storytelling with
visual Depth



Character Driven Approach
Through the Character Driven Approach,
your product gains strength and vitality as it becomes the main actor. Timing and movement shape its characteristics.



Super Slow Motion with High-Speed Kamera
The recipe: We use CGI, animation and 3D to show the viewer what he does not perceive naturally.
For example, small details and fine textures. Everything else can be filmed real in the simple way.



Real mit CGI kombiniert
The animation team combined real particles
with CGI particles using
high-speed motion control shots and 3D.

Miele Produkfilm
Produktfilme - Effekte
Miele Blizzard 3D-Produktfilm

extraordinary effects

& Images from different angles

CGI, animation and 3D can be used to highlight small details and fine textures in product films!

These tools allow filmmakers to create realistic images that showcase a product’s details.
CGI and animation are often used to mimic natural motion,
such as flowing fabric or billowing smoke.

This can create unique effects not possible with photography, such as a product spinning on its axis to show all of its features. 3D tools can be used to create realistic images from multiple angles, giving viewers a comprehensive view of a product’s design.

Produktfilme - Effekte: feine Texturen

Miele 3D Product Films – Miele Blizzard CX1 & Miele FashionMaster

Creative Visions of the future

Siemens Metro Concept

The creation of this product visualization was an essential part of the marketing of this innovative public transport project for the metropolises of the 21st century.
The film gives the viewer a sense of what Inspiro is about – the multiple opportunities this mobility concept offers. The visual and audio elements of the film create an immersive experience that appeals to potential passengers. It helps them to identify with this modern mode of transportation and inspires them to become part of it.

Siemens Metro Concept Inspiro Trains–  B2B Animated Product Visualization

3D Films explain
Technologies of the Future

Ideas & Concepts

show what the future holds

Why 3D animated films are ideal to present the product ideas and concepts?

3D product and image films are ideal for presenting futuristic concepts as they provide
a three-dimensional representation of the future. By using 3D, filmmakers can create detailed and accurate visualizations of potential products, environments, or technologies that may not yet exist.

Here we see projects that present future-oriented concepts or research findings
in a visual form as 3D Films.

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft – 3D Presentation of the research fields

Siemens Metro Concept – B2B Animiated Product Visualization

Traide Fair Expo Dubai – Animation of the futuristic design concepts

trade fairs und Events

Bringing concepts to life

3D product films not only provide a realistic experience for viewers, but it also helps convey
the idea of what a product or concept might look like in the future.
They can also help bring concepts to life, and can be used to show products or services from different perspectives so that viewers can explore and understand the product more deeply.

In addition, 3D movies are often more visually appealing than traditional 2D animations,
making them well suited for use at trade shows and marketing events.

The great project for Expo Dubai, an animated product presentation of futuristic design concepts for mobile infrastructure, was developed by FBB Team on behalf of CNR China and BMW Designworks.

Film Production for the Trade Fair Expo Dubai 2020 – Futuristic Concept als 3D Animation

3D Animations ignite
Inspiration & Excitement

Projekt: CNR CHINA | BMW Designworks – Product Experience

Trade Fair Expo Dubai– Animated Product Film

Expo Dubai – Individual Look, Storytelling & Sound

3D Animation: Expo Dubai 2020

Creating a product film for the Expo trade show in Dubai required
careful thought and planning.
Many cultural realities had to be explored to truly capture
the spirit of this global event.
The visual display of this event was designed to engage people and get them excited about experiencing the event firsthand.

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