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What We Do

Building visionary worlds in the virtual space

FBB Film collaborates with major film companies in VFX and animation productions. We support directors and producers with exploring the endless opportunities, that VFX and Animation have to offer – to transform their boldest visions into digital reality.

Anticipatory thinking as indispensable pre-requisite

Successful Animation and VFX work requires smart project planning: FBB Film offers its on-set expertise, state-of-the art technological solutions and efficient production pipeline with the mission to create a final product that makes a difference. In the end, what matters most is studio work with more creativity and innovation, emotional effects and a stronger cinematic look resulting in movies that stand out.

Creative networks: international co-productions

FBB Film possesses a powerful world-wide production infrastructure. We work together with an international network of talented artists and creative partners. Our Munich location allows cooperation with Bavarian film funding in the area of ​​VFX and co-production.

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