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The main focus of our work is on animation and feature films, where the mastery of storytelling has the unforgettable power to captivate the audience. With years of experience, we have worked on over 400 film projects, including 120 animated films and 12 feature films.

3D Character Design 

3D Animation Cinema Film

Animationsstudio München

3D Virtual Character

This is the first time that Benjamin The Elephant has been staged into a live action film as a virtual character.

3D Animation Cinema film

Character- und Setdesign

3D Charakter Design

3D Character Design

FBB cinema was commissioned to develop the macroscopic world in 3D, including character and set design.

3D Animation Broadcast Film

3D Animation Film

3D Animation

3D On-Air Design

Sky Germany commissioned FBB Film to develop a 3D on-air design for the channel Sky Christmas.

3D Animation Cinema

Animated motion picture

Produktfilm München - Filmproduktion München

3D Character Design

“MOONBOUND” is a modern twist on the classic fairy tale by Gerdt von Bassewitz.

Netflix Filmproduktion

3D Animation 

3D Animation - Filmproduktion München

3D Animation & Character Design

FBB Cinema supported PETS UNITED with storyboard and set design with art direction by P. Oedekoven (Tarzan, etc.).

3D Animation  Filmserie

3D Cartoon-Serie

Erklärfilm - 3D Product Visualization

3D Animation Cartoon-Serie

FBB Cinema managed the development of the concept, characters and content for “Kim Kaboom” cartoon series.

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