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What We Do

Writing the story of your brand in the Digital Age

FBB Media collaborates with visionary brand designers and companies and creates high-end visual strategies for the digital world.

Today’s enormous scope of digital implementations allows you to invent a highly individual narration of your corporate story and products. FBB Media acts as facilitator to transform your visionary ideas in all forms of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and to generate immersive customer experiences.

The range of outcomes is various and individual. Our success stories include commercials (Miele/McDonalds), interactive apps (Miele) and digital showrooms (Audi City).

Visualize and explain your ideas with CGI

VFX and animation have the craft to visualize complex relationships and processes: sophisticated ideas can be displayed before they are realized and become easily graspable – FBB Media supports you in the development and digital realization of a clear and coherent narrative of your brand’s story.

Creative strategy, design thinking and digital Know-how

We melt the power of know-how in CGI-based storytelling, design and technology to create inspiring visual impacts – on any screen, in any space.

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