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We create Image Films for companies that want to present their visual strategies or products in visionary films.

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Image Film – FBB Film Production

Image Film – Audi Digitaler Showroom

Audi Image Film: Filmproduktion München - Fish Blowing Bubbles

Image Film as Brand Experience

– Production of an Image Films
In five Audi city stores, Audi City Showrooms presented the automaker’s entire product line as an interactive brand experience.
Image Film: Audi Showroom

B2B Product-Visualization: Image Film Siemens

Film Produktion München: Image Film Munich: Siemens Subway-Concept

Image Film: 3D-Animation

– 3D Animated Film Concept
FBB Media developed a modular, 3D animated film concept that shows the Inspiro trains in their future urban environment.
Image Film: Siemens Subway Concept

3D Animation: Image Film Expo Dubai 2020

Image film: 3d Animation Expo Dubai 2020

Image Film: Product Visualization

– Individual look, storytelling and sound identity.
FBB Media developed an animated product presentation of the futuristic design concepts for the mobile infrastructure of Expo Dubai 2020.

Image Film: Expo Dubai 2020

Image Film BKK Awareness Campaign

Image contents. BKK Awareness - Film Produktion Munich | Fish Blowing Bubbles

Image Campaign

FBB designed a series of materials for the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BKK) to generate more awareness for the institution.

Image Kampagne: BKK

McDonalds Image Film

McDonald's Image Film- Fish Blowing Bubbles | Film Production Munich

Image Film: Customer Communication

McDonald’s Germany is also offering burgers for the first time that use only German Simmental beef.
Image Film: McDonald’s

3D Animation: Fraunhofer Institute Image Film

3d Animation: Fraunhofer Institute Image film

Imagefilm: 3D Animation

FBB Media developed a film-based presentation of the company’s diverse research fields and its visions for the future for the Fraunhofer Institute “Morgenstadt” project.
Image Film: 3D Animation

Advertising Film – AUDI Q5

Audi Image Film: Filmproduktion München - Fish Blowing Bubbles

Image Film – Product Trailer

The animated product trailer highlights various details of the AUDI Q5. FBB Media was responsible for the concept and production of the spot.

Advertising Film: AUDI Q5

Explanatory Film – Deprexis: Online-Therapy program

Explanatory film - Deprexis 24

Image Film – Explanatory Film

Deprexis 24 is an online therapy program for depression of the German health insurer DAK. FBB Media developed an explanatory film that explains the program in an easy-to-understand and friendly way.
Explanatory Film- deprexis-24

Image Film for RTT

Image Film for RTT

Image Film with 3D Features

FBB Media took on the production of an image film for RTT with the motto “Challenging Reality”. Our team produced a vibrant image film with 3D elements, animation, live photography and sound.
Image Film for RTT


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