Product Films and Product Visualizations for the companies that want to present their strategies or products in visionary films.

Product Film & Product Visualization Projects

3D Animation Product Film: Miele

3D Produktfilm München:  Miele

3D Product Film & Product Visualization

-Development of a completely new look and storytelling
FBB Media developed a completely new look and storytelling for the product film and product presentation of Miele household appliances.

3D Animation: Product Film Expo Dubai 2020

Product Film Munich: 3d Animation Expo Dubai 2020

Product Film: Animated Presentation

– Individual Look, Storytelling und Sound Identity
FBB Media developed an animated product presentation of the futuristic design concepts for the mobile infrastructure of Expo Dubai 2020.

With Product Visualization you can better explain your products 

Product Visualization: KEBA KeContact 

What was the marketing strategy of this film?

There are many ways to advertise and market products, but KEBA has opted for an extremely effective method: product visualization in the form of a product film.

This film presents the KEBA KeContact P30 wallbox charging station in an compelling way and at the same time informs potential customers about the environmentally friendly measures taken during production.

Product VisualizationKEBA KeContact P30 Wallbox Charging Stations

The KEBA KeContact P30 wallbox charges all types of hybrid and electric vehicles safely and reliably. Our product film shows how, thanks to a wide range of interfaces, the KeContact P30 wallbox becomes a highly intelligent communication and control center.

Product Film – Audi Digital Showroom

Audi Product Film: Film Production  Fish Blowing Bubbles

Product Film: Showroom

– Film production and design of the interaction concept
In five Audi city stores, Audi City Showrooms presented the automaker’s entire product line as an interactive brand experience.

Product Film: Audi Digital Showroom

B2B-Product Visualization: Product Film Siemens

Film Production Munich: B2B Product Film Munich: Siemens U-Bahn-Konzeptept

Product Film: 3D-Animation 

– Product Film Development: 3D-Animation
FBB Media developed a modular, 3D animated film concept that shows the Inspiro trains in their future urban environment.

Product Film: Siemens Subway-Concept

Product Film: AUDI Q5

Audi Product Film: Film Production - Fish Blowing Bubbles

Product Film: Product Trailer

– Product film concept and the film production
The animated product trailer highlights various details of the AUDI Q5. FBB Media was responsible for the concept and production of the spot..

Product Film: AUDI Q5


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