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The Audi City showrooms stand for a holistic Brand Experience, presenting the product range of the German car manufacturer in flagship cyberstores within the hearts of five international capitals.

Audi was looking for a fresh and state-of-the-art digital presentation of the Audi brand as well its complete product range. The challenge was to conceptualize and create an immersive, kinesthetic room concept by offering points of interaction with the virtual Audi cars.

As a partner in the project team, FBB Brands was responsible to create the entire communication and interactive concept as well as to produce the filmic and audio-visual content for the prototype of Audi City showrooms.

Audi City | Showroom Concept

Thinking the space

A visually unique installation of a 270° screen (38m x 3m) opens the space and invites the visitor to get to know the Audi product range while wandering through the store. Color and sound coding, touchable interior samples as well as visual guidance create a multisensory experience of – yet-virtual cars. 

Audi City | Product Experience


FBB Brands developed photo-realistic designs, mood lighting and animations of around 30 minutes which offer a highly cinematic feel and always enable orientation in the room. A complex connection between pre-existing architecture and a virtual brand experience. The spectator is carried away into various virtual worlds and encouraged to actively participate.

Audi City | Interactive Concept

The Sushi Principle

The Sushi Kaiten as inspiration for an innovative Product Experience: With the help of intuitive touchscreen interfaces, Audi’s customers can assemble their dream car from several hundred million possible configurations, „swipe“ them from the touchscreen to the 8K power wall in order to experience the chosen model in realistic 1:1 size and explore it more in detail.

Audi City | Audi Play

Create Your Avatar

This futuristic  gaming concept for Audi is centered around a question towards AI: What happens after the prototype?  Audi customers are invited to create their own avatar out of on of the simplest cell-like form,  connect with worldwide users and interact with each other in different games. By the growing points of interaction, the prototype gets more and more complex and intertwined with the actions of other users. The concept outlines the complexity of technological interaction design as well as the experience-driven development of the human mind.

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