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(VFX) Film Production

Visual Effects (VFX): Benjamin Blümchen

3D Animation: Visual Effects (VFX): “Benjamin the Elephant

(VFX) Visuell Effects – Animation Film

– 3D Character “Benjamin the Elephant”
In the film, the main character Benjamin was staged virtually and interacted with the real star cast for the first time.

VFX – “Benjamin the Elephant -3D Character 

(VFX) Visual Effects: “Maximilian”

Film Production Munich Visual Effects (VFX)

Visual Effects (VFX) – 3D Architecture

– Visual Effects (VFX) – 3D Architecture
FBB Film developed the 3D architecture of the city of Ghent in 15th century style and produced the VFX supervising for the shots.

(VFX) Visual Effects: TV Movie Maximilian

(VFX) Visual Effects: “Ghosthunters – On Icy Trails

 Visual Effects (VFX) München - FBB: Computer Generated Sets

(VFX) Visual Effects – TV Movie

– (VFX) Full CGI shots with particle and fluid simulations
FBB Film implemented all computer generated sets, and developed the full CGI shots with particle and fluid simulations.

VFX: “Ghosthunters – On Icy Trails”

(VFX) Visual Effects: “The Midwife II”

3D Animation: VFX: 3D Architecture – “The Midwife II”

(VFX) Visual Effects– TV Movie

– Visual Effects:  The historical city of Vienna around 1800 in 3D
FBB Film built among the historical city of Vienna around 1800 in 3D, developed the animation of Opium dream sequences and designed the title animation. Further VFX work included computer generated stage extensions with green screens.

VFX Effects – “The Midwife II”

The Legend of Longwood - VFX Effects - Fish Blowing Bubbles (FBB)

(VFX) Visuelle Effekte – Kinofilm


– Visual Effects (VFX) 
FBB Film worked on the classic retouching of threads and tracking, preparing footage using matte painting, roto and paint fix. Development of the digital tracking process to perfectly integrate live action filmed material, such as the folding of paper.

VFX: “The Legend of Longwood”

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