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(VFX) City Building

3D Animation Cinema Film

VFX City Building Film Produktion

VFX-Effects for city elements

In „Benjamin The Elephant“, FBB Cinema created VFX-Effects for parts of the city, as the harbour or the zoo.

(VFX) Visual Effects

(VFX) City Building

Visuelle Effekte (VFX) - City Building

VFX Supervising

FBB Film entwickelte die 3D Architektur der Stadt Gent im Stil des 15. Jahrhunderts und übernahm das VFX Supervising für die Shots.

(VFX) Visual Effects

VFX – Computer Generated Sets

VFX Effekte - Film Produktion Munchen

VFX: TV movie

FBB Cinema created the historical city of Vienna around 1800 in 3D and developed the animation of the opium dream sequences for the TV movie “The Midwife II”.

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