Miele visualizer

Learn how visualizing the Miele kitchen helped to present it so that future customers felt comfortable enough to get interested and purchase it.

The FBB team built this strategy around the concept: THE PRODUCT is the HERO. In this case, we had to improve the connection between Miele's new products and their audience. To strengthen their relationship. The tricky tool: To bridge the gap between perception and reality, we used the possibilities of CGI, animation and 3D technology. Through these mediums, we revealed aspects of the products that are often invisible to the naked eye. Combining technology and creativity allowed us to create an immersive visual experience that went beyond the ordinary.


3D Product - the Hero of a Film Journey

Emma Johnson
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Michael Davis
"Unser von FBB produziertes Produktvideo stellt unsere Technologie und die außergewöhnliche Qualität, die wir anstreben, genau dar. FBB lieferte einen hervorragenden Film, der es uns ermöglichte, unsere Vision und Ideen zu präsentieren.  "

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