Product Film-Miele vR

Learn how visualizing the Miele kitchen helped to present it so that future customers felt comfortable enough to get interested and purchase it.

FBB developed the Visualizer for Miele, the renowned kitchen appliances maker, through a collaborative process that combined cutting-edge technology with meticulous attention to detail. Leveraging their expertise in interactive design and 3D modeling, Fish Blowing Bubbles crafted a user-friendly platform that allows customers to seamlessly integrate Miele appliances into their kitchen spaces virtually.
By closely collaborating with Miele's team and understanding their brand vision.


Our Task was to Visualize Miele Products in the the right Space & Context.

—industrial film

We oversee everything from the creative concept and the development of a storyboard to art direction and the completion of the high-quality production.

Products become leads. We create emotional films that visually present, strengthen and explain your brand.

Your professionally designed industrial film defines the visual image of your company. In product films and visualizations, we impressively show the added value of your products.