The first climate-neutral wallbox by KEBA Energy Automation.
There are many ways to advertise and market products, but KEBA has opted for an extremely effective method: product visualization in the form of a product film.

Discover how the FBB team collaborated with KEBA to revolutionize the world of electronic chargers. Our mission was to showcase KEBA distinct approach in a way that truly inspires. Through innovative strategies and creative insights, we breathed life into their vision, delivering a presentation that's as exceptional as their technology.


Inspired by Nature, motivated by High Technologies    

—industrial film

We oversee everything from the creative concept and the development of a storyboard to art direction and the completion of the high-quality production.

Products become leads. We create emotional films that visually present, strengthen and explain your brand.

Your professionally designed industrial film defines the visual image of your company. In product films and visualizations, we impressively show the added value of your products.