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At Fish Blowing Bubbles, we guide the realization of cinematic storytelling visions from start to finish. Our highly creative team works closely with our clients to understand their vision and bring it to life. From concept and script development to production, editing and post-production, we stand by their side to create an immersive cinematic storytelling experience. We place great emphasis on making the entire process seamless and effective
to bring our clients' visions to life.

Our Masterpieces

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Step 01

Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis to create Cinematic Storytelling
An essential first step in implementing vision in cinematic storytelling is to identify the problems and needs. At Fish Blowing Bubbles, we make it a point to conduct a thorough analysis to understand our clients' challenges and requirements. Through in-depth research and conversations, we enable ourselves to identify the core message and goals of the project.

Step 02

Visual Language Development

Development of the visual language
The second step is to define clear goals and work out the visual language together with our clients. After identifying the problems and needs, it is important to define the desired goals of the project. This includes aspects such as the desired emotional impact, the target audience, the desired style and the message to be conveyed. At Fish Blowing Bubbles, we work closely with our clients to understand these goals and develop a common visual language. ensuring that our clients' visions are expressed in a coherent and effective cinematic storytelling format.

Step 03

Storyline Incorporation

Storyline - Implementation & Development
The third and crucial step in our concept is the implementation of the visual strategy. After identifying the problems and needs and defining the goals, we focus on integrating the client's vision into a compelling and meaningful storyline.

Storyboard design
At Fish Blowing Bubbles, we use the technique of storyboard elaboration to plan the visual execution and best represent the client's core ideas. By creating detailed image sequences, we can visualize the plot, characters and emotional development of the story. 

Step 04

Presentation & Client Input

The fourth step of our implementation concept involves discussing the results and making adjustments. We present the implemented visual strategy to our clients and solicit their feedback. Based on their input, we work closely with them to make any adjustments or improvements. Our goal is to ensure that the final product meets expectations and achieves the agreed-upon goals. Through these meetings and adjustments, we optimize the visual strategy and ensure the desired success.