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At Fish Blowing Bubbles, we are dedicated to supporting our clients every step of the way in bringing their cinematic storytelling visions to life. From concept and script development to production, editing and post-production, we are there to help them create an immersive experience. We take great care to make the entire process seamless and effective to bring our clients' visions to life.

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Strategically planned film production within budget for your ultimate satisfaction.

Step 01

Research & Analysis

Research & analysis to create cinematic storytelling
At Fish Blowing Bubbles, we believe in a collaborative approach to cinematic storytelling. By working closely with our clients to identify their product's benefits, unique selling points, and market positioning, we ensure that our films effectively communicate their message. Our thorough analysis process helps uncover any challenges or opportunities for improvement, ultimately leading to more impactful storytelling and product communication.

Step 02

Visual Language Development

The visual language that resonates with your audience
In developing the visual language, the focus is on understanding the needs and goals of our clients and collaborating closely with them to create a visual language that resonates with their target audience. We define the emotional impact, target audience, style, and message to ensure that our cinematic storytelling is coherent and effective.

Step 03

Storyline Incorporation

Storyline - Implementation & Development
Storyline Implementation & Development: After pinpointing the needs and goals, we seamlessly weave the client's vision into a captivating storyline. This entails incorporating elements to grab audience attention, deliver surprises, and inform effectively, guaranteeing a compelling and meaningful narrative.
Storyboard design
At Fish Blowing Bubbles, we use the technique of storyboard elaboration to plan the visual execution and best represent the client's core ideas. By creating detailed image sequences, we can visualize the plot, characters and emotional development of the story. 

Step 04

Presentation & Client Input

The fourth step of our implementation concept involves discussing the results and making adjustments. in this crucial step, we unveil the implemented visual strategy to our valued clients, welcoming their invaluable feedback and input. With meticulous debriefings and seamless communication facilitated by our cutting-edge digital platform, we ensure our clients are integral participants in the creative journey. Collaboratively, we refine and enhance, ensuring our final product exceeds expectations and attains the envisioned success.