Fraunhofer Institut

What happens when many scientists and researchers work on a solution without being able to present their ideas promptly and communicate them precisely?
The image film developed by FBB motivates investors, developers and companies who are working together on the concepts of the future.

This animated 3D image film produced by FBB motivates and inspires investors, developers and companies working together on the development of future technology concepts. The neutral design shows the functionality and interaction of many futuristic visions and developments.


The Representation of the City of the Future unites Ideas & Minds

—industrial film

We oversee everything from the creative concept and the development of a storyboard to art direction and the completion of the high-quality production.

Products become leads. We create emotional films that visually present, strengthen and explain your brand.

Your professionally designed industrial film defines the visual image of your company. In product films and visualizations, we impressively show the added value of your products.